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Regeneration in the United Kingdom

There have been many regeneration projects in the UK, and the government has created various documents. Detail of what we believe to be the more relevant ones to the current state in Milton Keynes are on this page.


Right to buy scheme introduced
42% of the population live in council housing

30% of council tenants have exercised this right
2.2 million homes transferred into private ownership

Less than 8% of the population live in council housing
40% of ex-council flats sold via Right to Buy are now rented out more expensively by private landlords

£3 billion
Surplus recorded by England’s largest housing associations in 2015

1.7 million
Estimated people on the council housing waiting register that year

Estimated number of street homeless people in the UK in 2016

Estimated number of buildings which have been empty for longer than six months

From www.dispossessionfilm.com

Regeneration means demolishing people's homes, not making them better
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We need to talk about urban regeneration
Adam Forrest; The Guardian, 2017-04-10

Humanising urban regeneration: success lies in simplicity
Mike Scott; The Guardian, 2014-06-12

Design - the UK government view on what makes a good estate
HM government; Web Site, 2014-03-06

The census lesson is clear: don't pretend regeneration works if it doesn't
Tim Leunig; The Guardian, 2012-07-17