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Bad Practice

Bad Practice

Plans and layouts

"There are no plans" is what we have been told, but there are "Layouts" for Bradville, Netherfield, and Fullers Slade, as detailed in the Urban Capacity Study on Feb 2017. These have been obtained by a FOI request and local copies are at http://tinkersbridge.org.uk/tbra/download/FirstSteps/MK_trial_layouts.pdf

Statistics at Regeneration Committee of 14/11/17

YourMK issued a sheet at the MKC Regeneration committee meeting of 14 November 2017, which had as a centrepiece a table showing very large support for full demolition. It is only on closer examination that the sample size is revealed as about 22 of an estimated 120 attendance at the November Fullers Slade exhibition, so probably not statistically significant. Reports from that event suggest that only selected people were asked to express opinions, and leading questions were used to get the desired answers.

MKC response to FOI request

A FOI (Freedom of Information) request was made to MKC on 19 June 2017 by David Lee for the layout plans noted in the urban capacity study. In July 2017, David Lee meet David Gleeson (MD of YourMK) at an event, an in conversation David Lee mentioned he had this FOI request pending. David Gleeson replied "Yes, I know". Why does the MD of a private company know about a FOI request to a council?
Why did it take one day short of the legal time limit for MKC to respond, and why did they only have paper copies, not the electronic master?

Community Communicators

Community Communicators are appointed by YourMK to help communicate with the community. Unfortunately, it appears you can only be one if you are politically acceptable to YourMK, and there is no list publicly available of who they are. Any outside the areas where regeneration is actively happening have been almost left in the dark since the order of estates was announced in spring 2017. It appears they are a good statistic for YourMK to wave, but do very little good on the ground!

Intimidating language

In the Fullers Slade handouts at the exhibition in November 2017, for both damp proof barrier and foundations, the report read along the line "no issues have been found, but it could be an issue in the future" This is sowing fear and uncertainty, not reporting the likelihood of a problem. If no problem has been recorded over the last 30 years, and no problem is noticed at present, does the probability of this problem really merit such scaremongering language?
On the same page, it is noted that wood cladding "was raised as a fire risk concern". Is this by a fire officer on an official report, or by someone with a vested interest in getting these buildings demolished?

Life Expectancy in deprived areas

It has been reported by Yourmk that life expectancy for those in deprived areas is 12 years less than those in more affluent areas. According to the MKC website and also the Public Health Authority in 2017 figures show it was 7.9 years for men and 7.6 for women. While that is a concern it is not as high as has been reported.
Milton Keynes data
Public Health England data

Temporary Houses – Houses were only built for 30 years

This rumour has been around for years that some of the houses in Milton Keynes were only built to be temporary. Fullers Slade Residents Association Chair Barrie Wilde contacted the former chief Architect for housing at the Milton Keynes Development Corporation Don Ritson to confirm whether this was the case. Don Ritson has stated that to his knowledge there was never any discussion of these estates having a life expectancy and does not know where the 30 year life expectancy has come from. Several other former MKDC employees have also confirmed this and stated that these houses were built to last and only need relative minor improvements to bring them up to current standards. At a council Regeneration meeting in July 2017 the MKC also confirmed that the houses were never built to be temporary.