Tinkers Bridge - Milton Keynes

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Tinkers Bridge Residents' Association administration

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Tinkers Bridge Facts and Figures

As part of the preparation for regeneration in November 2015, the following figures were circulated for Tinkers Bridge

  • Number of properties (2011): 376
  • Population (2011): 1037, 74.9% white, 12.3% Black/Black British, 7.3% Asian/Asian British, 5.5% others
  • Life expectancy (Woughton ward): Male: 72.58, Female 78.20, All 75.43
  • 31.8% under 20, 15.8% over 60
  • 23.9% with no qualifications (2011)
  • 12.25% in fuel poverty
  • 43% owner occupier
  • 33% council houses
  • 5% Housing Associations
  • 18% Private rent

On area and housing density, there is some dispute. The original regeneration figure of 12.2 dwellings per Hectare comes from "The 2014 figure from MKi Observatory (which includes Passmore and measures approx. 31 hectares) is 414 dwellings, which results in a gross density for Tinkers Bridge of c.13 dwellings per hectare." David Lee, in Feb 2016 concluded "The area of Tinkers Bridge, excluding land belonging to The Parks Trust, I have estimated at about 16 hectare, so this gives a density of about 339/16 = 21 dwellings/hectare."

For national statistics, Tinkers bridge is in region Milton Keynes 023C E01016843 which includes the southern sections of Netherfield and Passmore, containing about 549 households. This is used for the Index of Multiple Deprivation, which MKC used to select Tinkers Bridge as a priority regeneration area.

Grant award

Our most recent certificate

MKC gives an annual assessment of the Residents' associations which are supported through the Housing Revenue Account (HRA). We then get a grant, dependant on our rating, and the number of council houses in our area. The certificate attached show we made the top rating!

The certificate is 2017. Due to council changes, no assessment was made in 2018.