Tinkers Bridge - Milton Keynes

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Woughton Community Council

Woughton Community Council (WCC) is the local Parish council for Tinkers Bridge. It therefore has a significant influence on the estate, and runs the meeting place.

The Neighbourhood Plan

The area

The Woughton Neighbourhood Plan is now a legal document which controls development in the Woughton area. People from Tinkers Bridge were actively involved in creating and reviewing the plan, prior to it being accepted by the external examiner in June 2017, and approved by Milton Keynes Cabinet on 7 November 2017. It has the following requirements:

  • Distinctive Grid Squares - no major change of use of land between residential and other uses
  • Medical Facilities - additional space for the hospital and on Coffee Hall, only
  • Sustainable Grid Squares - businesses in grid squares to support making each one self-contained
  • Green Grid Squares - no destruction of network of green spaces
  • Play & Activity Areas - no net loss of play areas
  • Local Green Spaces - 11 specific sites listed
  • Trees in the Public Realm - mature trees to be preserved
  • Community Gardens, Allotments & Orchards - proposals will be supported
  • Housing Design - rectilinear street design, maximum height 3 storeys, front and rear gardens
  • Housing Mix in Regeneration Grid Squares - 7 principles for redevelopment areas
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation - limited to 20% or 35% in a 100m diameter
  • Redways & other Footpaths - to be maintained
  • Bus Routes and Facilities - allow for new routes, and an interchange near hospital
  • Competitive Grid Squares - enhance the industrial areas
  • Grid Square Local Centres - protected, able to be expanded
  • Netherfield Local Centre - redevelopment must provide same floor area
  • Education Facilities in Leadenhall - expanding will be supported
  • Community Facilities - a condition of redevopment in Leadenhall and Peartree Bridge
  • Primary Schools - expansion supported
  • Regeneration: Refurbished Housing - refurbishment supported, infill supported with conditions

Final version of the Woughton Neighbourhood Plan