Tinkers Bridge - Milton Keynes

A great place to live!

Fullers Slade

Fullers Slade was selected as the first estate for regeneration.

Design Workshop 26 November 2017

This was the last YourMK public event on Fullers Slade before the MKC instructed "hold" to allow better connection with residents. Describes as the first co-design event, attended by 49 people, with another event scheduled for January.

Comments from the introductory session about opportunities and concerns:

Hopes and fears.pdf

Case Studies shared:

Case Study - Stonebridge.pdf

Case Study - Packington.pdf

Boards for discussion in the afternoon session:

Open space, greenery and connectivity board.pdf

Character,streets and homes board.pdf

A summary of feedback from attendees

Feedback summary.pdf

FSRA presentation on Google Drive
Barrie Wilde and FSRA; Web Site, 2018-04-27

FSRA proposal presentation
Barrie Wilde & FSRA; Web Site, 2018-04-27