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MKC Housing Committee

The Community and Housing Scrutiny Committee has official oversight of Housing, including regeneration. It deals with far more than regeneration, so the notes here are limited. This is a link to the schedule for 2018-19 meetings .

To scrutinise the planning and provision of housing services in Milton Keynes and the Council’s role as landlord, as well as the planning and provision of leisure and cultural services provided by the Council and its partners.

Prior to May 2018, it was the Housing and Community Committee

2018 05 16 Agenda
MKC website, 2018-05-16

2018 03 27 draft minutes
MKC website, 2018-03-27

2018 01 18 minutes
MKC website, 2018-01-18

2017 12 19 minutes
MKC website, 2017-12-19

2017 11 08 minutes
MKC website, 2017-11-08