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National Housing Concerns

This page gives some details of other national events, and groups in other areas

Palimentary meeting on 7 July 2018

John Orr, the Chair of TBRA was one of the speakers

Speaker Organisation Location
John Davies Hands Off our Homes Leeds
Cindy Readman Save our Homes LS26 Oulton near Leeds.
Diane Minns elected tenant rep Cambridge Cambridge
Lulu Agate elected tenant rep Cambridge Cambridge
Mick Patrick Defend Council Housing Harlow
Margie Phillips Swindon Tenants Campaign Group Swindon
John Orr Tinkers Bridge Residents Association Milton Keynes
Nola Edwards Foxhill Residents Association Bath
Barry Hughes Brighton and Hove tenant rep Brighton and Hove
Tanya Murat Defend Council Housing Southwark
Paul Burnham Defend Council Housing Haringey
Ed Draffen Grenfell United

Defend Council Housing Kensington & Chelsea
Churchill Gardens Residents Association Westminster
Sonia McKenzie Chair Fred Wigg and John Walsh Towers TRA Waltham Forest
Jasmin Parsons Our West Hendon West Hendon
Andy Bain, chair Islington Homes for All campaign Islington
John Barker Carlisle Tenants Federation Carlisle
Carrie Hedderwick Defend Council Housing Sheffield
Fowzia Molvi Fenwick estate Lambeth
Other attendees
Eileen Short
Paul Watt University of London You might be interested in this which is about council housing in east London, And this which is on London housing and the various campaigns

John Orr summarised his impression of the issues as

  1. they had a negative experience of engaging with council housing PFI private/public LLP regeneration companies/development vehicles.
  2. they wanted to have regeneration brought back in house to council housing departments instead of arms length LLP companies.
  3. they said that they wanted council housing maintenance brought back in house with the council housing departments.
  4. they said that repairs and improvements to council housing had been all but suspended for four to five years in their areas due to regeneration.
  5. they said that the cap should be lifted on council expenditure limits on council housing, building and refurbishment.
  6. they said " there should be an end to the right to buy.<
  7. they said residents should get a binding ballot on any regeneration final plans.
  8. they said that housing associations had now become nothing more than property developers.
  9. one gentleman made a very pertinent comment about this whole issue demands to be looked at through the lens of accountability. The stress caused to residents, the loss of uplift in capital growth of public assets sold off, the cost of failing top down council housing regeneration.