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Residents Of Regeneration Estates was formed in summer 2018 by the efforts of eight Resident's Associations to provide a united voice to Milton Keynes Council. Contact with them can be made via the email address Residents.Of.Regeneration.Estates@gmail.com, and they have a selection of internal documents stored on a Google Drive (permission required to access them - use the email address to request permission, giving your Google account username).

Public information is available below

RORE organisational structure

1: Aim:
The purpose of RoRE is to be an umbrella group to support the work of Resident’s Associations in the individual estates to
assist their residents to make informed decisions about the future of their estate and regeneration areas. To provide
strength in numbers.

2: Objectives:

  1. To support Residents’ Associations of Regeneration Estates and ensure there is open, honest and informative communications to residents.
  2. To lobby decision-makers to put people and the local community first and at the heart of the development and decision-making process for regeneration.
  3. To support each Resident Association to achieve their objectives.
  4. To present a united front representing Residents Association which can effectively challenge officials and commercial interests, so preventing the residents from being ignored, and in order to make Milton Keynes a true community, where people are appreciated, valued and cared about enabling people to make their own positive contribution.
  5. To provide communication channels between Residents Association allowing the sharing of experience, expertise and resources.
  6. To utilise, share, develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of Residents Associations. To enable us to better advocate for their communities and partner with local government departments and other organisations and to develop Residents Association own ideas for their communities and estates.

Minutes - 10 Sept 2018 Define purpose and objectives
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Minutes 28 Sept 2018 Constitution, Letter to Ward Councillors
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Minutes 19 Oct 2018 Key messages, Jenni Ferrans
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Minutes 9 Nov 2018 Lakes regeneration
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Comments on the MKC proposed structure for regeneration issued 31 July 2018 Edits by various RORE members
Michael Kelleher; Web Site, 2018-08-08

Acknowledgement of value of meeting of 31 July 2018 Letter not sent as only limited people declared their support for sending it
David Tavener; Web Site, 2018-08-03

Available dates in week commencing 5 August 2018 Limited response was received
Web Site, 2018-08-03

Letter to MKC from chairs of RAs in June 2018 Consultation with RAs is required
Web Site, 2018-06-25

Sepentine Court Easter 2018 document Proposals and survey responses
Maja; Web Site, 2018-05-01