Tinkers Bridge - Milton Keynes

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Tinkers Bridge Resident Association,


Tinkers Bridge,

Milton Keynes,


United Kingdom

The Bridge - Newsletter


Resident Email


John Orr


JOHN ORR - info@tinkersbridge.org.uk

John is the longstanding chair of the association, and lives in the property he owns on Brent. He is a self employed carpenter. He is also a councillor on Woughton Community Council.

Lesley Berry


LESLEY BERRY - info@tinkersbridge.org.uk

Lesley is a retired widow who lives in her own house in Hatton. This has been her family home for many years. She became involved with the association when regeneration threatened her home, and has become a very useful asset to the association.

Ron Ellis


RON ELLIS - info@tinkersbridge.org.uk

Ron is always around Tinkers Bridge, caring for the environment, and doing many useful things in the "spare time" of his retirement. Expect him to pull you up if you do not care for Tinkers Bridge - he has won the right to do so!

Dave Lee

Website Editor

DAVID LEE - info@tinkersbridge.org.uk

Dave is a newcomer to the area, and lives just outside Tinkers Bridge, in Old Groveway. He provides many practical skills to assist the association. He is a member of the Jesus Army.

Contacting residents

We use the following methods to stay in contact with our residents

Word of mouth

We have found that word of mouth is one of the most effective ways of telling people about activities. This is evidence that we are are a caring community, who are kean be involved with each other

Electronic communication

The Facebook page is a source of the latest information. It is a closed group, so anyone can find the group and see who's in it, but only members can see posts. Please apply to join the group if you are a Facebook user in Tinkers Bridge.

This website gives detailed information, and the aim is that the front page should keep you up to date with current activities. Please explore the other pages.

We would like to run an email distribution list, and a txt message distribution list, but have not managed to set these up yet. If these would be of interest to you, please email us.

Paper communication

"The Bridge" is our monthly newsletter, and items may be included by contacting TheBridge@tinkersbridge.org.uk.

Posters can be displayed outside the Meeting place, which should be arranged with Ron Ellis.

Handbills can be distributed, sometimes with the newsletter.

The Association owns a printer suitable for printing The Bridge, and this may be made available for other printing for events supported by the Association.