Tinkers Bridge - Milton Keynes

A great place to live!

Annual activities

During the year, there are various activities which often get repeated each year. They may not always happen - it depends on the organisers being available, and grants being available. However, we think they are worthwhile, and would like to do them every year.

Many thanks to the grant making bodies who provide the funds for these, including Woughton Community Council, Milton Keynes Council, and various Councillors with their Ward Grants.

Summer Fun Day

April the Cook

We try to do some summer event on the park each year. In 2017, we had a fun day and Dog show. For 2018, we would like to arrange a multi-cultural event, to display the large variety of cultures and background we have living in Tinkers Bridge

2017 organiser: Wayne

Easter Activities

EGG Control

It is not always possible to arrange something at Easter, but in 2018 we had ** EGGGGCITING NEWS!! ** The Tinkers Bridge Easter Egg Hunt!!

The Easter Egg Hunt on the Bank Holiday Monday went really well. Had 33 children register for the hunt,

with their families! They were all very happy with their Easter eggs and treats!

Posts from Facebook following the event include

Sam Field: Thank you so much, my grandchildren had a lovely time and loved there eggs. Thank you all so much x

Vaciete Lauma: Thank you so much. My kids had a great time and fantastic treats x

Heather Chilton: Thank you very much my 2 had lots of fun :)

Organiser: Sarah Mitchell; Grant: Pauline Prop

Christmas Day meal

Typical invite

Since 2016, we have run a Christmas day meal for anyone who wants to attend in the Meeting Place. Invites are distributed to all houses on the estate, and booking in is requested, to ensure the numbers are known and manageable.

Jenny Hathaway is a key organiser. Financial support comes from various sources

Book by email Tinkers.Bridge@gmail.com

Seaside trip

The best spot on the beach

The coach going to Southend on Saturday 19 August, was a great success, with good weather, if a little windy. Some just enjoyed the sun, others explored the pier, the rides, the Aqua Life Centre. At least one visited family, and at least one adult went swimming in the sea. Thanks to Deanna and the crew for organising it.

The Christmas season


Traditionally at Christmas, we have had a children's party Saturday, and a Christmas meal on Christmas Day. Both of these are expected in 2016.

On December 3rd, we expect Santa to tour the estate in his sledge during the afternoon, accompanied by elves handing out sweets. There will then be a children's party at the meeting place. To assist with this event,please contact John Orr.

Jenny Hathaway is heading up the Christmas Day arrangements, and should be contacted with offers of help. Invites are expected to be posted to all houses in Tinkers Bridge.

Christmas Party

Santa will be touring the estate, and then at the children's party in the meeting place on Saturday December. Offers of help welcome.