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Seaside trip 2019


We are heading to Hunstanton beach this year

Date: August 10th 2019
Leave time: 08:00am (Arrive 7.50am pls)
Return time: 5 pm (Back to pick up for 4.50 pls)
Number of seats: 61 - £5 per person

Leaving from Tinkers Bridge meeting place - Tinkers Bridge residents only at the moment but I can add you to the reserve list if in the surrounding area.

As always a HUGE Thank you to Woughton CommunityCouncil for the supporting grant

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This event supported by Grant Aid from Wougton Community Council

Easter 2019

Easter 2018

Tuesday 16th April 2:00pm Colne Park Field

Free Easter egg hunt - both for under 5s (in the play park) and for older children, who will need to find the complete series of eggs, numbered 1 to 6.

No charge for this event, thanks to the support of Councillor Pauline Prop, and the TBRA.

17th: Play Rangers join with the local youth club, 12:30 to 2:00pm, on the green outside the meeting place.

20th: In Netherfield ABC park: Easter Family event, multiple activities (Easter bunny, egg painting, bouncy castle, penalty shout-out)

Pantomime 2018!

The characters

For the third year running, your residents' association has arranged a low cost pantomime trip, to help you celebrate Christmas! This year, "Cinderella", at our normal venue of The Deco theatre in Northampton. The date is Friday, 21st December, and the show that day is half an hour later than previous years. The coach will therefore leave from Tinkers Bridge Meeting place at 5:30pm. Tickets, at £5.00 a seat, can be booked via Deanna (11 Hatton, email ). Thanks to the support of The Deco in giving us a very good price, and WCC for supplying a grant.

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This event supported by Grant Aid from Wougton Community Council

Consultation on the Housing Revenue Account

Survey form

MKC is asking residents about priorities for spending money in the Housing Revenue Account (HRA), which is for council houses. Their first roadshow on this will be at the meeting place in Tinkers Bridge, Tuesday 4 Sept, 5pm-7:30pm, and Wednesday 5 Sept, 10am-12:30pm. It is likely that Michael Kelleher, who attended the TBRA meeting earlier this year, will be present some of the time to answer questions. The survey is available on-line, or by download

The 4 possible areas are

1) Investing in new homes
By investing in buying and building new properties, we are able to provide high quality homes that last and make sure those most in need have a place to live now and in the future.
2) Repairing existing homes to a higher standard
Using better quality materials and repairing properties more frequently. Keeping the homes that you or your friends and family are currently living in, in a good state of repair for longer.
3) Looking after your estate and surroundings
Maintaining common areas such as play parks, fences and boundary walls as well as specific items such as entrance security, lighting and communal storage areas
4) Services for you and your home
By spending on this area we are able to improve the services that we provide for all residents including:
housing officers, caretaking and response times to complaints

No data appears to be available on how much money it would take to do each of the above properly. More information is at www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/your-rent-your-say

Council Stock condition survey released

The Stock Condition Survey results, done by Pennington Choices for MKC, has finally been released and a web version is available here. This is the raw data, listing about 0.25m repairs suggested by Penningtons over the next 30 years. The Residents Associations of Milton Keynes have been pushing for this data since late 2017, when original data was released as three percentage figures only. We hope this data release is helping towards a new period of openness and trust between RAs and MKC

Regeneration Rethink of July 2018

MKFM news story

MKFM broke the news on Saturday 30th June, 7:19pm, of a major change to regeneration plans, announced by Councillor Nigel Long, and to go to Cabinet on 10th July. The following points were listed:

  • To restart the community engagement process on Fullers Slade.
  • To restart the community engagement on North Bradville.
  • To move to a ballot on Serpentine Court where more progress has been made.
  • Transfer the community engagement responsibility back to the Council. A new Head of Resident engagement is in place.
  • To bring the Neighbourhood Employment Team back in house.
  • To have Council clearly badge repairs work as being undertaken by Mears Group PLC and bring the management of this contract back in house.
  • Establish a in-house Asset Management team to oversee capital investment and the repairs and maintenance service.

Tinkers bridge could benefit from Cllr Long's statement "We will also establish an investment programme for areas that will not see regeneration for 5 or more years.”

Although TBRA recognises the need for change in how regeneration has been handled, there is still many areas of concern, including

  • Why has this change of direction not been talked about with the residents, if regeneration is supposed to be community led?
  • How does MKC know what residents want? it appears that the best available information may be from the survey TBRA did on Tinkers Bridge, published in our First Steps report. This showed that residents most value the open green spaces, the facilities, and the sense of community. The biggest problem was trees, and council house maintenance was unsatisfactory for 42%. 65% said keeping their present houses was most important to them, rising to 67% among council tenants.
  • Does the council have the in-house expertise to manage the proposed arrangement? Is the failure of the old arrangement due to the council not having the expertise to manage that arrangement?

The following responses from public consultation were recorded in Appendix 3 of RegenerationMK Strategy 2030, and are probably still valid. TBRA knows of no concreate plans to address these concerns.

Address maintenance/repairs of whole estate before focussing on housing stock, energy saving measures included?
Employ safeguards against poor landlords.
Create a definition “affordable” housing.

Social problems
Focus on the root causes of all significant problems on the estates, direct resources to address fundamental problems whilst being realistic about progress which can be made against long term issues like poverty and poor educational attainment.
Absence of PCSO’s on estates felt acutely, actual and perceived crime/ASB rises.

Needs of different groups

Lack of facilities for children and young people, provision of appropriate housing for senior citizens and disabled, issue of universal access to healthcare and inequality of life expectancy, private owners/tenants didn’t understand how they fit in and therefore felt at a disadvantage.

Improving prospects and aspirations

Public transport provision and links, IT access, childcare provision and affordability, access to advice on debt, housing, benefits etc. Addressing skills
gaps and educational opportunities for all ages.

A unified voice from MK Residents' Associations

Letter sent to council on Monday 11 June

Eight Chairs of Residents Associations have signed the attached letter to Milton Keynes Council, complaining about the limited inclusion of Residents Associations in regeneration, and creating a united body to be one voice in talking to the council. This is probably a significant step in how relationships will develop in the days ahead.

The council has not issued any immediate response, but there are plans for a new proposal on regeneration administration to be considered by the MK Cabinet at their meeting in July 2018. It is hoped that discussions between the chairs of the Residents Associations and the council will influence these proposals.

This step comes on top of the dramatic resignation of officers of Fullers Slade Residents Association on Monday 11th June, 2018, where Barrie Wilde, the Chair, plus the Secretary and the Treasurer all stood down as being unable to fulfil their mandate to represent the residents of their estate.This was reported as a news item by BBC 3 Counties Radio on 11&12 June, MKFM on 14 June, and MK Citizen on 15 June.

The Council responded on 20 June offering dates of 17, 24 or 25 July 2018. All of these are after the paper is presented to Cabinet on the 10th July.

Seaside Trip on 4 August 2018

Sandcastle, Southend, August 2017

Following the successful trip to Southend last year, another visit has been arranged on Saturday 4th August 2018. The cost will be £5 per seat, leaving Tinkers Bridge meeting place at 8:00am, and leaving Southend at 5:30pm (there is a limit on this time due to regulations of driver's hours).

Deanna Norris (email) (Facebook) (11 Hatton) (07443 988627) will be taking bookings. Please also supply mobile phone numbers, so we can remind people by text on the day that it is time to get back to the coach.

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This event supported by Grant Aid from Wougton Community Council

Council Housing Boss to attend TBRA meeting

Leaflet for event

The boss of the council housing section of Milton Keynes Council, Michael Kelleher, will attend the monthly TBRA meeting to answer any questions relating to his area. The meeting has been rescheduled to allow Michael to attend, and is now on June 7th, at the Meeting Place on Marshworth, from 7:30pm. The whole meeting will be given over to Michael and questions.

This is our opportunity to ask any question on council housing, including regeneration, to the most senior council officer, who has the official title of "Service Director – Housing & Regeneration". Although the Residents' Association will ask some questions about funding of associations, and some regular housing meeting that have stopped, it is the residents themselves who should ask questions about repairs, tenancy agreements, right to buy, and regeneration. Come and get your answers, plus feed back how well the council is doing with looking after its' tenants.

The recent flooding is almost certain to be raised, and there will be a display board showing some photos of flood effects in our area.

Awards for the Tinkers Bridge Team

Our great environmental team was rewarded for their hard work by WCC at the March 2018 Chairs Awards, Ron Ellis / Terry and Derek Weller were declared "Environment Champions".

Award winners included people who have gone over and above to improve the environment, make a difference to young people, volunteered with projects and supported Woughton through donations, offers of help and simply by being a good community member.