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Gold standard Residents' Association

Gold certificate for TBRA

Once again, our Residents' Association has been given a Gold rating by MKC in their annual assessment of accredited Residents Associations. We have achieved the top rating now for the last 4 years, and such a rating increases the grant we are given to run the association. Thanks are due to the volunteers who put in many hours - to achieve the rating we have to

  • Issue minutes of our meetings
  • Hold an AGM
  • Join in with MKC meetings for Residents Associations
  • Prove we are responsive to residents

We do need more volunteers to spread the load and do more for the estate, so if you are willing to help, please let us know

On-line TBRA meeting - 29 April 2021

This Thursday 29 April 2021 at 7.30PM we will be having our monthly meeting, on-line as a Zoom meeting 798 195 8298, password "Tinkers".

All are welcome to join the meeting by simply clicking on the link below. There is no requirement to sign up to a zoom account, you can join the meeting without an account.


Please join us if you can. The more people who get involved in helping improve our estate the better a place it will be to live. In these challenging times, now more than ever, we need a strong community that supports each other.

You can call John, the Chair, on 07565 922368 or email at John.orr@woughtoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk or johnorr1965@btinternet.com if you would like any further details, to receive an email with the meeting link or for some assistance with learning to use zoom.

**​ Easter 2021!!​ ** The Tinkers Bridge Easter Egg Hunt & Play Rangers!!

"Egg Control Centre from a previous year"

We are delighted to announce this year's Easter Egg Hunt Event. Thanks to WCC for supporting this event for the children of T.B.

Date: Monday 29th March 2021

There will be plastic eggs hidden around the estate, on Monday 29th March. Find an egg, open it up. Read and solve the clues. There are clues to look for outside and clues for thinking inside. When your child has all the letters, find what the phrase is. Come to 23 Hatton, tell Sarah the correct phrase, post your plastic egg in the egg postbox outside, and choose your Easter Egg. One egg per child, per winning answer. Subject to availability. Thank you. Good luck.


Date: Wednesday 7th April 2021

Place: Meeting Place Green. Tinkers Bridge

Time: 11am– 12.30pm

Play Ranger session. Completely free and run on an open access basis, so children are free to come and go as they please. Children under 8 years are required to be supervised by an adult or older sibling. Some activities may result in children getting wet or dirty, so they are advised to wear appropriate clothing.

Participants are asked to fill out a registration form the first time they attend so we have emergency contact details in the unlikely event we should need them.

For more information please contact Tash or Gemma on 01908 392945/ 07983 590546 or email us @ gemma.simmons@woughtoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk

Please contact; Tash Darling t: 01908 392945/ 07853 590546 e: tash.darling@woughtoncommunitycouncil.gov.uk

We have worked hard to ensure all safety protocols can be upheld whilst we still have fun together

Safe, Socially Distanced Play, brought to your area during this Easter holidays. In the interest of safety, we ask you to attend just the session where you live this time round.

Latest "The Bridge"

New "The Bridge" is now out. Due to the virus, we can not manage to distribute it to all houses, so please collect from the Book Swap table or Tescos. Or download from http://tinkersbridge.org.uk/.../The%20Bridge%20January...

We will be having our monthly TBRA meeting via Zoom on Thursday 28 January at 7:30. Zoom meeting 798 195 8298, password "Tinkers".

All are welcome to join the meeting.


This article seeks to list information sources and initiatives, starting locally, with national ones at the end.

Tinkers Bridge

The situation is still evolving, and local support on our estate is generally from WCC. If help is needed please email info@tinkersbridge.co.uk. or phone WCC

Face to face TBRA meetings have been cancelled since March. An on-line meeting in July is proposed.

Adjacent estates

The community fridge on Netherfield can not open, but is doing some food parcels. Contact Councillor Maggie Ferguson if you know of a need

Local Facebook pages are

Peartree Bridge – https://www.facebook.com/groups/139996422349/
Eaglestone – https://www.facebook.com/Eaglestone.residents.association/
Leadenhall – https://www.facebook.com/groups/273527109746722/
Coffee Hall – https://www.facebook.com/groups/1033600217023527/
Beanhill – https://www.facebook.com/groups/346980809022202/
Netherfield – https://www.facebook.com/groups/292503027963746/
Tinkers Bridge – https://www.facebook.com/groups/TBRA.MK/

Parish support


City support

The Council, the MK Community Foundation and Community Action: MK have worked together on a Good Neighbour Guide and a how you can help booklet.

Milton Keynes Council latest information at https://www.milton-keynes.gov.uk/your-council-and-elections/coronavirus-changes-to-council-services

Age UK Milton Keynes – https://www.ageuk.org.uk/miltonkeynes are providing essential support to older people across the city who need help.

Dreamsai Milton Keynes (https://www.facebook.com/dreamsaiMK/) are also offering a free essentials pack to older people (above 65) across the city. Phone 07864 982635

A Facebook group, Milton Keynes Corona virus Support Group exists, aiming to coordinating efforts across many parts of the city and are looking for help and for those that need help. It appears to be correctly managing offers, but the structure and governance of this group is not currently known by TBRA, so can not be fully endorsed

National support


Citizens UK is also compiling lists nationally



Financial Support

Only personal financial support is listed here. For business support, see the government information.

Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) of £94.25 / week is available if too ill to work, for 28 weeks. Normally from the 4th day of illness, but the 1st if self-isolation due to corona virus

Universal Credit

General guidance

Lay-offs and short-time working

Redundancy can be claimed if this lasts for more than 4 weeks. The Coronovirus Job Retention scheme allow works to be on "furlong" with 80% wages paid by government

Self employed

A package of support is expected to be announced by Friday 27th March

Zero hours contract

If paid through a payroll then being furloughed is possible. If not, probably the same as self employed.


Rent evictions suspended for 3 months. Mortgage lenders are offering payment holidays.

Local shops and facilities

This information was originally compiled by Simpson and Ashland Parish Council. Times may not be up to date - email info@tinkersbridge.org.uk with any corrections.

Supermarkets and convenience stores are changing their opening hours and some are introducing shopping times for particular categories such as the over-70s and key workers. The Tesco Express store at Tinkers Bridge is open from 07.00 am – 10.00 pm and the Premier store at Ashland from 8.00 am – 9.00 pm (all days).

There are other food shops at Stadium MK and in Netherfield (including a pharmacy).

Moores Fish and Chips in Ashland is open from 4:00pm to 9:00pm Tuesday to Thursday and 12.00-9.00 on Friday and Saturday. They do home deliveries – www.mooresfishandchipsuk.co.uk/moores-chippy-ashlands or 01908 606421.

MK Fried Chicken in Ashland is open from 12.00 noon to 10.00 pm seven days a week. They do home deliveries – www.just-eat.co.uk/restaurants-mk-fried-chicken-milton-keynes or 01908 477726.

Page & Moyse is an established local catering company. They are offering a homecooked meal home-delivery service – savoury and sweet individual portions (can be frozen. See www.pageandmoyse.co.uk or 01908 646853 or 07940 250027. And see attached if you receive this be email.

Taylors Dairies (Dawson Rd, Mount Farm) delivers milk and dairy products to the doorstep on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They are accepting new customers - www.taylorsdairies.co.uk Phone 01908 374484.

Newspapers There is a daily newspaper delivery service to Simpson and Ashland. Wedelivernews is accepting new customers. Contact info@wedelivernews.com or 07834 902196. Newly registering OAPs will not be charged for deliveries.

Santa comes to Tinkers Bridge

Santa on tour

Santa Claus is expected to tour Tinkers Bridge on Saturday 21st December, from 2pm, accompanied by his elves, who will be giving out sweets. He is then scheduled to be at a Christmas Party in the Tinkers Bridge Meeting place at 4:00pm, and his sleigh there has traditionally been full of presents for any children who come to see him - we hope it will be the same this year! There will also be food and drink available. Many thanks to Milton Keynes Council for funding, which allows this to be a free event.

We do need adults to make this happen, and to look after children - they need to be accompanied to come in to the meeting place. If you can help at the Meeting Place from 10:00am, or with the clearing up afterwards, then please just turn up. There is also some preparation to be done before the event, and if you email info@tinkersbridge.org.uk we can send you more information.

Pantomime 2019!

Jack & the beanstalk

Crimbo Panto trip to The Deco in Northampton

This year, the pantomime is “Jack and the Beanstalk” with a star studded cast, magic beans, Daisy the cow and a mean GIANT

⋆ Date: Friday 20th December
⋆ Leaving from Tesco at 5:00pm. Please arrive 10 mins early
⋆ Cost: £5 per person - 57 spaces available- contact Denna

Huge Thanks to the Milton Keynes Council for supplying us with the grant to do this & We are glad The Deco are having us back for another year

Halloween 2019

The two main organised activities for Halloween are

1. Halloween Hunt, Tuesday 29th October, at Colne Wood -

Bring your ghoulish ghouls and wicked witches or your costumed children to this year's fabulous Halloween Hunt at the woods in Colne Park. Your little monsters have to hunt for 5 different Halloween items through the spooky woods while trying not to be too scared! If they find all 5 they will rewarded with a spooktacular treat bag!!!

Opens at 7pm. Not a minute before! Only a few children will be allowed through at the same time to allow for spookyness!!!

2. Trick or treat map - listing houses ready for youngsters to knock on their doors

For both of these, Sarah, at 23 Hatton is the main contact

Charity Table top sale


This Saturday, 28 September 2019 from 12:00-15:00, at the Tinkers Bridge meeting place. Set up from 10:00

Light refreshments on sale

See more details on the Facebook event page

Council Housing boss at TBRA

the petitions

Councillor Nigel Long, MKC Cabinet member responsible for Housing and Regeneration will be speaking and taking questions at the Tinkers Bridge Residents’ Association meeting on 26 September. His main themes will be two consultations that the council is running – one on Housing Strategy, the other on Regeneration Strategy. However, he will take questions on related subjects, and TBRA has identified the following as subjects of concern on the estate:

Council House Maintenance

  • exterior appearance of houses (last painted over 15 years ago)
  • rotten wood (poor painting has contributed to this)
  • kitchen upgrades
  • bathroom upgrades
Car Ports and Bin storage
  • Tenants being charge rent for car ports they do not have or can not use
  • Danger to public from rotten and unstable car ports
  • wheely bin storage, especially if MKC move to multiple bins
  • Visual appearance of bin cupboards and car ports
  • Tree roots making paths uneven and a safety hazard
  • Tree branches obscuring light to houses, or blocking paths
  • The lack of a MK wide tree management system (outside Parks Trust)
  • HRA fund unable under budget/operational arrangements to manage its trees

Storm water drains (flooding)

  • Blocked drains on footpaths contributed to the May 2018 flooding and are still blocked
  • Gutters being blocked, which affect the neighbours as downpipes are shared
  • Drainage ditch behind Colne not well maintained

Speeding in Tinkers Bridge

  • Creating a 20MPH speed limit zone
  • Providing speed humps or other traffic calming
  • Ensuring speed limits are enforced to prevent danger

Footpath Lighting

Many residents, especially elderly, walk to our local shop, and at night this is dangerous due to the bad lighting, coupled with the tree roots. It is a general assessment that the lighting on pavements is worse since the change to LED units. Some paths away from roads have no lighting. Other light is obscured by tree branches.

On each of the above, we want to create a small petition, and the links take you to some suitable template forms. If you can not attend the meeting, please sign on the forms prior to Thursday, - is it possible for you to print the form out and get your neighbours to sign? Ready printed forms can be signed at

  • 48 Brent (Ron Ellis)
  • 49 Brent (John Orr)
  • 73 Colne (Liz O'Shea)

When the Housing Strategy is discussed, possible questions include

  • Are there enough council houses?
  • A "truly affordable rent" is "below the market rate" - what does that mean as a cost per week?
  • When will all Council houses in MK meet the Decent Homes Standard, as 35% do not meet that low standard at present?

When the Regeneration Strategy is discussed, possible questions include

  • How is this going to create better jobs for people living on Tinkers Bridge
  • What will be the means of ensuring it delivers across all of MK in a reasonable timescale