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Houses in Multiple Occupation

This is general guidance on HMOs in the Milton Keynes situation, and carries no legal weight. It attempts to identity what is officially a HMO.
If a home owner takes in up to 2 lodgers, it is not an HMO, but planning Use Class C3.
If it is a single household of not more than 6 residents, it is probably use Class C3.
If it is a single household, it is probably use Class C3.
Planning permission is required to become use Class C4, which is up to 6 unrelated individuals who share one or more basic facilities.
If more than 6 people are resident, this may make it Sul Generis requiring planning permission.
If an HMO is 3 or more stories with 5 or more residents, it must be licensed, an should be on the register.

Properties which are in the HMO planning class are able to be shown on their interactive map, under "Planning applications".
New regulations introduced on 15 March 2018 to widen powers of councils

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